Our artists

maija arminen


1.   How long have you been tattooing?
8 years

2.   Where did you start tattooing?
Helsinki, Finland.

3.   What was your initial interest from?
I've been interested in tattooing since I got my first tattoo at the age of 17. At that time, I never thought having a career as a tattoo artist was possible. It seemed so underground and the thought of telling my parents that I was leaving school to become a Tattooist seemed crazy. After graduating school, I studied Costume Design and worked in the film industry for a few years. It was around this time that T.V shows such as Miami Ink started airing which for me, brought a new and more realistic possibility of becoming a tattoo artist. So I quit my job, found an apprenticeship and the rest is history...

4.   What are your favourite styles to tattoo?
Anything Art Nouveau or large scale floral pieces.

5.   Who/what are your influences (tattoo, art, music… anything)
Art Nouveau and all the fine art masters.

6.   What are your interests outside of tattooing
Cats and gardening :)

7.   What are your future goals (career/art)
My main goal is to become better at tattooing, including finding new and better ways of improving technically and ultimately defining my own style.Travelling is also a must.

8.   Do you do any other art than tattooing
Yes, but most of my other art is tattoo related.